Taking Applications for Summer Teen Farming and Food Justice Internship

Abundance Farm: Teen Farming and Food Justice Internship

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Abundance Farm is a Jewish food justice farm and outdoor classroom located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Abundance Farm is a unique collaboration between Congregation B'nai Israel, the Northampton Survival Center, and Lander-Grinspoon Academy to support local food security and to create a unique, outdoor learning environment. The farm includes a mixed fruit orchard, an educational garden, and a vegetable u-pick area for survival center clients.  Abundance Farm is a beautiful urban oasis where people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds are drawn for nourishment, community, and learning.

This summer Abundance Farm will be offering a 9 week internship program for incoming 9th-12th graders. The program will run 3 half-days each week from June 22nd-August 17th for a total of 10 hours per week.  

Internship Activities will include:

Hands-on learning about small scale, organic, sustainable, gardening and farming including principles, history, techniques, and more;

Participating in garden and farm work including: hand weeding, hoeing, watering, fertilizing, mulching, and harvesting;

Helping maintain and manage the fruit tree orchard - weeding, mulching, watering;

Collaborating with Gardening the Community (GTC), a youth urban agriculture project in Springfield, MA. We will travel to GTC one day per week to work in their gardens and learn about their work;

Regular field trips to other farming projects in the region;

Learning about national and global efforts to create just and sustainable food systems - including movements for food justice, food workers rights, organic farming, urban farming, climate justice, and more;

Exploring the intersections of race, class, gender, religion, and spirituality in food movements;

Learning about soil fertility, weed pressure, pest pressure, and plant disease, in the gardens;

Researching and exploring growing systems and techniques such as companion plantings, lunar calendar plantings, educational plantings, and other permaculture and biodynamic principles;

Organizing a community event at the garden (to be decided by the group, could include a workshop, fundraiser, work-day, etc);

Helping maintain and manage the compost system;

Helping run the u-pick area for Northampton Survival Center clients who come to the garden (helping guide people in what, where, and how to harvest).

Required Qualifications:

-     This is a “get your hands dirty” internship!  We will be doing hard work in the gardens on hot summer days. Farm work is physically challenging (and rewarding!!)  Interns should come with motivation and energy - ready to jump into each day’s work.

  • Interns should be interested and excited to learn about both the nitty gritty (which weeds to pull up) and the big picture (global food movements and food justice).

  • Interns should have the ability to stay focused, complete tasks, and work both independently and in groups.

  • We ask for a full commitment to the internship which includes punctuality and consistent attendance.  We understand that occasional conflicts come up in the summer such as family vacations.  We ask that interns provide at least two weeks notice in advance of anticipated absences.  We will permit 4 excused absences before deducting pay from the internship stipend.  

-10.5 hours per week, June 22nd-Aug 20th;

-Tuesday morning at Abundance Farm,  8:30-12:30, lunch at 12:00;

-Thursday morning at GTC in Springfield, 8:30-1:00, leaving CBI at 8:30 and returning to CBI at 1:00----lunch at 12:00;

-Sunday morning at Abundance Farm, 9:30-11:30


-Interns will earn a stipend of $500. $250 will be distributed to successful interns in mid-July and the final $250 will be distributed upon successful completion of the program.  Free, organic vegetables are also included to interns all season.

To Apply:  Complete this online form.

Abundance Farm Teen Internship Application