Kids aged 8-12 will build up their confidence and skills in the kitchen, using produce harvested on Abundance Farm. This program is led by Abundance Farm’s Director of Outdoor Education, Nili Simhai, as well as local professional chefs and bakers! By attending this program, kids will be able to collect their Abundance Farm Cooking badge.

Programs will take place on the following summer Sundays: July 29, August 5, and August 12.

The program lasts from 10:00am-12:00pm. Participants and their families are invited to bring a picnic lunch to the farm after each session. Each program will be unique, so sign up for one, two, or all three days.

July 29, Chop Food Like a Pro, with Maria Jose Gimenez

Learn knife skills and make ratatouille with best-of-the-summer vegetables from Abundance Farm. We may try out the new solar oven to make some polenta, also.
Known allergens: Nightshades, possibly corn as a side

August 5: Dealing with Dough, with Rebecca or Dmitri Robbins of Woodstar Cafe

Learn some basics of baking and working with dough. We'll thresh, winnow and grind some of our own wheat from Abundance Farm.
Known allergens: Wheat (in food and airborne)

August 12: Dips Without Chips, with Dane Kuttler

Learn how to work with herbs and balance different flavors with the freshest herbs and veggies from Abundance Farm. We'll probably pull out the mortar and pestles for this one!
Known allergens: Dairy, legumes (but not both in one dish, and there will be one option that has neither of those)

Chef Bios

María José Giménez is a poet and translator who works in English, Spanish, and French. She is passionate about growing food, foraging wild edibles, and wildcrafting medicinals, an interest she first developed as a child in Venezuela, where she was born and raised. María José has worked as both a chef and farmer in the past. She is co-founder of Mass Collaborative (dba Easthampton Co.Lab) and serves on the board of directors of the Northampton Survival Center. She lives in Easthampton.

Rebecca and Dmitri Robbins own the Woodstar Cafe in downtown Northampton, and are celebrating their 15th year in business. Their delicious pastries and bread are the talk of the town!

Dane Kuttler has been teaching people to cook for eight years. She has worked with children and teens for over a decade, and has always combined her love of kids with her love of food. While she's never cooked in a restaurant, she's cooked for many a crowd. Nothing scares her. Her motto, borrowed from a popular spice company is "Love people. Cook them tasty food."


Cost is $10-20 dollars on a sliding scale for each program; registration in advance is required. Please download the registration form below, and submit either electronically or by mail.

If you are submitting electronically, e-mail the completed form to Nili at If you are submitting by mail, send it to Abundance Farm at 253 Prospect Street, Northampton, MA 01060.

You may also choose whether to submit your payment electronically or by check. If paying electronically, use the payment form on this page (underneath the registration form download). If paying by check, mail your check to Abundance Farm at 253 Prospect Street, Northampton, MA 01060.  

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