Shefa: Teen Internship and Apprenticeship 2018


Welcome to Shefa!  Shefa is a wonderful opportunity to spend the summer outside, with a community of young people who are learning the skills to be part of creating a more beautiful, just, and sustainable world!  Join us!

Our Shefa "Internship track," is open to any incoming 9th-12th graders.  The Internship offers an introduction to farming, food justice, and community building.  Interns will be introduced to many of the skills it takes to run a one acre urban farm and will also learn about the systems and structures that situate this farm within the larger food system.  Interns will also practice self reflection and community building through games, workshops on identity and justice, and leadership development.

Our "Apprenticeship track," is for Shefa alumni who have already completed the Internship during a prior summer and want to further deepen their farming and food justice education and develop leadership skills.  The Apprentice track is also open to individuals the summer after their 12th grade year.  The Apprenticeship offers the opportunity for Shefa alumni to build off of the skills they have learned in previous summers and practice teaching these skills to peers and community members.  Apprentices will also be given training and opportunities to lead community building activities such as games, reflection times, and celebrations.  Apprentices will receive training, support, and feedback as they develop as leaders throughout the session.

While Abundance Farm is a Jewish community project, this program is open to people of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds.  We will be exploring farming, food justice, and community building through a Jewish lens, and we will also be exploring these topics through other lenses and other identities.

To get a feel for the community we're building here in our Shefa program, you can read Summer 2017's Milk With Dignity letter (click to read here), or browse the zine they created together featuring art, writing, photos, and more (click to read here).

Both the Internship and Apprenticeship positions require an application and an interview.  Space is limited for both positions.

Internship and Apprenticeship Activities will include:

Farm Work

  • Farm work such as seeding, planting, plant care, harvesting, seed saving, and compost production;
  • Maintaining, designing and caring for the fruit tree orchard;
  • Hands-on learning about the history of small scale, justice-oriented sustainable farming;
  • Cultivating a relationship between the Northampton Survival Center and Abundance Farm through the Pick-Your-Own program;
  • Organizing and leading community events in the garden such as Shabbat Shabloom;

Food Systems Exploration

  • Situating and analyzing Abundance Farm's efforts and contributions within the larger Northampton food shed;
  • Cultivating a practice of making change on a personal, local, and political level within the food system;
  • Learning about and engaging with national and global efforts to create a more just food system;

Personal Growth and Community Building

  • Developing personal and community practices in reflection, awareness, and growth ;
  • Exploring our own social identities and how they relate and intersect with our food shed;
  • Developing leadership skills and exploring our capacity to create change within our own communities.

Required Qualifications:

  • This is a “get your hands dirty” internship!  We will be doing hard work on hot summer days. Farm work is physically challenging (and rewarding!)  Interns and apprentices should arrive each day with motivation and energy - ready to jump into each day’s work.

  • Interns and Apprentices should be interested and excited to learn about both the nitty gritty (which weeds to pull up) and the big picture (global food movements and food justice).

  • Interns and Apprentices should have the ability to stay focused, complete tasks, and work both independently and in groups.

  • Please note which session you are able to attend and any scheduling conflicts that might come up.  Preference will be given to applicants who can attend the entirety of a 4 week session.   You may apply to both sessions!

Hours (for both Internship and Apprenticeship):

Session One: July 2nd- July 27th, Session Two: July 30th- August 24th

-Monday morning, 8:30-1:00  farm work and facilitating the Pick-Your-Own program

-Wednesday morning, 8:30-1 :00 farm work, workshops, and field trips

-Friday morning, 8:30-1 :00 farm work, Shabbat Shabloom facilitation, and end of week celebration


-Interns will earn a stipend of $200 per full session.  

- Apprentices will earn a stipend of $300 per full session. 

- If participants attend a partial session, they will be paid proportionally for the amount of time they participate.

To apply, please fill out one of the following forms:

Shefa Teen Internship Application

Shefa Teen Apprenticeship Application

Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis- space is limited so it is to your advantage to apply early!  We look forward to hearing from you and will follow up with next steps!

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